Theming with SASS and Bootstrap

Follow starter kit setup.

Using Bootstrap 3.3.7 SASS version.

After setting it all up and ensuring the files were in the correct places, I still didn’t get any styling. I found a console error in chrome telling me that a script was running a deprecated Synchronous XMLHTTPResqest. Quick Edit was the culprit! I uninstalled it and now no errors.

Created a File Watcher in phpStorm so that it compiles my sass changes. Can I mis SASS in with SCSS?

Overview of TWIG

Enable Twig Debugging

  1. Created services.yml from the default and changed twig cofing debug to true. Folder sites>default>services
  2. Turned off aggregate css and js  Home>Admin>Configuration>Development

Double curly braces for simple prints {{ site_logo }} vs. {% if site_logo %}