phpStorm and SASS setup


Auto complete –   Space or Tab if you want to overwrite text that follows

Find All Usages – ⌥F7 of Shift+Cmd+F7   then Cmd+G to navigate through them

Documentation –   F1

Jump to class –      Command+B

Jump to class –      Cntrl+Click on usage

Show Filesystem – F12 then type name or command+down

Refactor –                 Shift+F6

Extract a variable – ⌥⌘V

Delete line –            Command +D

Possible params –  Command + P

Find last change –   Shift +Cmd+ Delete

Recent files –            Cmd + E

Clipboard paste –     shift+cmd+V

Open Method –        ⌥⌘O

Surround Selection with… – ⌥⌘J and then enter and type the name of the element

Auto Format – ⌥⌘L


Got phpStorm

SASS setup

Installed Node

For Mac – Install Homebrew so you can install ruby easily

I had to elevate my account to admin so I could use the cmd line to install brew.

Download and install Ruby

brew install ruby /usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp/ruby

Make a path variable to the ruby folder so ruby can be used anywhere

sudo vi /etc/paths
copy ruby path
press i to insert
paste at bottom

Then follow the rest of the Jet Brains setup to make the File Watcher