L&F Final fixes and Launch

The most elusive bugs have shown their faces and been figured out through brute force. Getting the Tax fields and Pods fields to match up using the pods_post_save_api hook was confusing. Then getting the Dashboard Form submissions to work in Gravity Forms with hand coded Item Types and ID’s that correspond to the actual item ID’s instead of their strings. It has finally come to a point where launching the site makes sense.

Guide Map (starting at 3:30)

  1. Backup the Live site’s database
  2. Backup the Live site’s Media Library, Plugins, and Content
  3. Update the PODS taxonomy for Users, Locations, Found Items, Claimed Status
  4. Get the Add New Found Item working manually
  5. Update the code to match the PODS constants
  6. Get the Correct Admin Columns to appear
  7. Correct the Roles & Capabilities for users
  8. Delete the unused Roles
  9. Get the GForm working
  10. Correct the emails so they aren’t tests anymore

Backing up Sites

rsync -arvz  greatwmc@info.jmu.edu:/var/www/html/uinfo/wp-content/uploads/sites "/Volumes/Photo Drive/Web_Backup/live/"
rsync -arvz  greatwmc@info-dev.jmu.edu:/var/www/html/uinfo/wp-content/uploads/sites "/Volumes/Photo Drive/Web_Backup/dev/"

The Database tables that are important are 23 on live and 24 on dev.

I have dev backed up and now I want to grant myself DROP privileges just in case things go wrong and I need to restore a table on the live side.

GRANT DROP ON uu_tad_2015.* TO 'milesgwood';

Now that I can drop and replace any tables that I break, it’s time to start actually messing with the site.

ssh greatwmc@info.jmu.edu/var/www/html/uinfo/wp-content
ssh suab1@info.jmu.edu/var/www/html/uinfo/wp-content

I logged in as the above user and altered the permissions just as I did when transferring the sites over. 775 permissions and changed the owner and group.

The most recent post was made 6 hours ago about some Nemesis Sunglasses. Let’s try to get this all done before more people need the site next week. First I need to make sure that the dev site will still work with the new WordPress Update.