Continuous Play

I started this bot as a chatbot but that is too ambitious. I do see the value in making it a chat bot in the future but for now I just want it to do one simple thing. I want it to continuously play moe. I press one button and it starts playing. That’s what I want.

Right now I have archive embedded songs not loading properly. I need to fix that first.

Example that showed up in a bubble, but didn’t play

This one works

To avoid having to figure out how to setup mysql on a mac command line I’ve been SSH ing to stu and then using mysql from there to connect to my database.

mysql -h -u milesgwood -p

Funny. Now that I’m using the bot more. I get far fewer errors. I can’t find any songs with bad names in the database. I still need to fix the continuous play aspect though. I’m going to focus on that piece. I’ll use the time stored in the song object to time the switch. First I should try to do it with a 5 second delay.

So I got the autoplay working with loading animations and the setTimeout function. There is some variability to the autoplay but it’s all mainly due to loading the archive embedded player.

Next goals to accomplish: Biggest one is GET DATABASE AND PHPMYADMIN WORKING TOGETHER

  1. Get autoplay to skip between shows (make a switch for that)
  2. Get background to change over time
  3. Add a download button
  4. Make autoplay work without switching to tab (it works if it is in it’s own window)
  5. Add scores and skip tuning/crowd shit