Solving the PODS bulk action problem

So what am I trying to do? I have edited this code so much at this point that the original intention has been lost a bit. What I want to do is allow for a supervisor to send items to surplus in bulk. First task is to figure out what is actually happening in the code as of now. What I thought was happening was:

  1. I was grabbing the item found pod for the post ID. (I’m assuming that the post ID’s are actually connected to the PODS objects)
  2. I’m altering the found-item-transfer field to send-to-surplus
  3. The l&f rules will update the location field if the user is at the correct location

So first I need to figure out if I actually have ahold of the found-item object. I use print to output the variables I’m interested in. Then use pods_error() to actually show it all.

Now that I’ve solved the bulk send problem, I’ve added a problem with the Filter plugin. I can’t use it to search. I’ll deal with that later. First I want to send the email messages with all of the items that transfer to surplus. The emails are getting sent. My main lessons learned are use the self::funciton() syntax. echo out all of the lines you want to print and then use pods_error().