Adding Bulk Actions to Admin Page

This is quite possibly the greatest walkthrough I have ever found from a simple google search. It covers all of the tasks I need to accomplish perfectly. There are three steps I need to accomplish:

  1. Add a “send to surplus” option to the bulk action drop down boxes
  2. Write the code that performs that bulk action (actually changing the location fields)
  3. Display a notice of the result on the admin page

Looking through the code I found quite a few functions that I don’t recognize. Like this _n() function. It changes the string that is returned depending on whether or not a variable is 1 or greater than one. It fixes strings so that they represent the plural or singular aspect of something.  1 star vs 5 stars

$message = sprintf( _n( 'Post exported.', '%s posts exported.', $_REQUEST['exported'] ), number_format_i18n( $_REQUEST['exported'] ) );
    echo "<div class="updated"><p>{$message}</p></div>";