Dave Chappelle Hat Pin

Pin Concept

Dave Chappelle with a cigarette and a microphone smiling with the text “Let’s Start The Show” and fishman circles around his head. I’ll pay you $80 if you can get me this design in the right format. Please ask me any questions you have before you start working on it as I don’t want to waste your time.

Source Materials

Chappelle Show Intro – That’s where the “Let’s start the show” text comes from

Here’s one of his specials from when he was skinny.

Picture 1 I want this smile

Pic 2 another smile that will work on the pin.

Pic 3 This is the closes to the profile of dave I want. He is looking to the left. He is lacking a hat, cigarette and isn’t skinny enough.

pic 4 I want his to have this hat on. Same hat style but make it all one color.

Pic 5 this has the right angle of his face and the right skinniness but lacks the smile, cigarette, and hat

Pic 6 This one has the best example of how I want his hand, microphone and cigarette

Pic 7 This is the phish logo. I want a solid version of it on Dave’s shirt.

Pic 8 This has an example of the fishman circles (the red and blue circles) that I want around Dave. It also has an example of what I want on Dave’s shirt. The solid blue fish on the left of the pin is what I want on Dave’s shirt.

Pic 9 – this is another example of what a fishman circle is. I want this pattern around Dave’s head with the text


Here is an example of a design I made. I need you to make one in the same format. No two colors can touch. They all need to be separated by lines (which are raised metal in the final pins)


Design Details

  • I want the cigarette and the microphone in the same hand so there is only one hand in the design
  • I want Dave smiling and looking slightly left at his audience (so not looking directly forward)
  • Dave’s part of the pin consists of his face, upper torso, hand, microphone, and the cigarette
  • Around Dave I want the text “Let’s start the show” and phish circles (the red and blue fishman circles pic 9)
  • Dave should have the phish logo on his shirt (pic 7 and 8)
  • The back of the pin needs to have raised metal text that reads “Braindead Designs”
  • The back also needs to have “I’m Rick James Bitch” in raised metal
  • The back also needs to be numbered with laser engraving sequentially so 1/200  2/200  3/200
  • I would like the text on the front to glow in the dark

Pin Specifications

  • The color palette needs to be Pantone Solid Coated that’s the color of the enamel they use – try to keep the number of colors below 10
  • I would like the colors in illustrator to match the colors on the pins so I can see what they will look like
  • All of the colors of the pin need to be separated by raised metal. That’s how they pour the colors on the pin without mixing colors.
  • Quantity: 200 of these pins
  • The need to have rubber backs and two pin posts for a fitting
  • Size: 5cm x 5xm x 1.2mm
  • Soft Enamel Die Pressed Zinc Alloy with Silver Nickel Plating
  • I would like the back of the pin to be smooth and shiny NOT sandblasted
  • The pins need to be packed in individual poly plastic bags
  • Where possible, I would like cutouts but the cutouts can’t be smaller than 2mm