Fixing Monkey Media

I have tons of duplicate content, missing content, shitty content and no current backup system. This shit needs fixing.

Dealing with the duplicates. I now have 11573 songs. That’s about 4000 duplicates I somehow added. I originally had 7820

  1. I needed the “Files To Edit” node to take advantage of the organizing functions built in. MM has so much stuff built in.. use IT!
  2. Using the “Advanced Duplicate Finder” tab I deleted all of the suggested Duplicates in one move. About 2600 songs- total is 8955 songs
  3. Then After some manual cleanup, I synchronized the tags so that the database tags (the ones that show up in MM) actually match the tags on the files. Tools > Advanced Tag Managment > Synchronize Tags
  4. Using the custom Duplicate search function I got it down to 8361 songs

I still have way too many duplicates.

69.8 GB Total size of Music folder 8,962 files.

MM has 7990 with 61.9 GB. That’s a full 1000 extra duplicates.

After adding all of the files in the Music folders, I have 8940 songs. I still have about 1000 extra songs.