Maron Thinky Pain

So you want to make a new pin. Here’s all the information you need to put the order in.

Making the design is the hardest part so I’ll describe the Maron Design.

Pin Idea: Marc Maron doing standup on a stool with the text “Thinky Pain” around him


Netflix Special – I highly recommend you watch his netflix special and if you like it he has a few seasons of his show Maron on netflix too

Youtube Clip– This clip has the exact clip where he actually says the thinky pain line

Fuck Those Shorts Youtube Clip: 

His podcast captures him pretty well too. It’s the WTF podcast

Design Details

  • I want marc on a stool with a thoughtful yet stressed look on his face
  • The text on the front of the pin needs to have the text “Thinky Pain”
  • I’d like Marc to be lightly bearded. Not the chewbacca version of Marc but not the perfectly shaven marc either.
  • The back of the pin needs to have raised metal text that reads “Braindead Designs”
  • The back also needs to have “Fuck Those Shorts” in raised metal
  • The back also needs to be numbered with laser engraving sequentially so 1/200  2/200  3/200
  • I would like the text Thinky Pain to glow in the dark


Pin Specifications

  • The color palette needs to be Pantone Solid Coated that’s the color of the enamel they use
  • I would like the colors in illustrator to match the colors on the pins so I can see what they will look like
  • Quantity: 200 of these pins
  • The need to have rubber backs and two pin posts for a fitting
  • Size: 5cm x 5xm x 1.2mm
  • Soft Enamel Die Pressed Zinc Alloy with Silver Nickel Plating
  • I would like the back of the pin to be smooth and shiny NOT sandblasted
  • The pins need to be packed in individual poly plastic bags
  • Where possible, I would like cutouts but the cutouts can’t be smaller than 2mm


Examples I made

Expected Cost: $300 for 200 pins