Backing Up My Hard Drives – Moving Music to Fresh Drive

My Music drive is failing so it’s time to move it to a new drive. I don’t want to fuck with the current Monkey Media Library settings so keep the new drive as G: with the file path to music of

[Music]\Music\2Pac\R U Still Down (Remember Me)\12 - Black Starry Night.mp3

I also should get back to using automated backups of my non-essential hard drives.

For reference I have 7820 songs taking up 60.8GB of space.

Here’s the reference for Monkey Media stuff.

With Monkey Media I went through a fair deal of confusion. I copied the Database file from it’s usual location and tried to edit it directly in SQLLite Manager. Unfortunaltley there is a custom Collation used in MM. So I decided to use this plugin to update the database directly in Monkey Media. Monkey Media is proving to be a life saver. Much of the needed functionality is in Monkey Media directly.


Needed Plugin

Copy these files to the backup