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Go through this list and add whatever fields are missing for the shirt.

  1. Make the design on a paper sized art board for printing (Photoshop)
  2. Open up a New Template in Illustrator in the Shirt Templates Folder (Illustrator)
  3. Save each artboard individually as a jpeg using the export option
  4. Switch to tie dye backgrounds for artboards 1 and 2
  5. Save all of these files in an Etsy folder
  6. The rest of the source files, psd, and ai files should be in the root directory. The psd is what you print
  7. Fill in fields below into a spread sheet type deal so you can cross post more easily

Title : Westworld Maze shirt – Doesn’t Look Like Anything to Me t-shirt – Tie Dye Option



This shirt has two sides to it so click through the pictures.
This is a custom made heat pressed t-shirt. 
Orders generally ship out on Mondays. 
Shirts are generally 100% cotton hanes or gidian. 
Note that the size of the design doesn't grow with the size of the shirt. 
The printing on the front and back is the same size for all shirt sizes.
Please feel free to contact me with any special requests, text changes, or new t-shirt ideas. 
I'm always open to new ideas. :)


You can purchase this shirt design printed on a one of a kind tie dye by purchasing this listing and a tie-dye of the same size through this link 
My tie dye stock changes constantly so check the pictures of my current stock before purchasing.

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